Dog Walks

Dog walking is the heart of Pack Mentality's service. Based between Brookline's Coolidge Corner and Washington Square, we can always be found out and about with the most charming dogs in town. We provide walks every weekday from 8:00 AM to 7 PM. We are also available on request for weekend walks, on availability. Walks are provided in 20 minute increments at 20, 40, and 60 minutes. After their walk, a personalized note can be left for you detailing your dog's experience for the day either in writing or via text.


Group walks

Meeting your dog's needs for socialization and exercise, they can join a group of 1-4 other friends, learning good behavior from those that can teach it best: other dogs. Your dog will truly feel like part of the pack when they have a consistent group of companions who they can rely on each day they walk. There is no better feeling than knowing that your dog is leading a fulfilled and happy life.

individual walks

For those dogs who are more independent or need extra care. Whether it is old age, aggression issues, medical concerns, or they simply enjoy one-on-one time with their humans, when possible dogs can have a walker all to themselves and get the specialized care they need.



Locksmith Rescue

If you find yourself having locked your keys in your home or left them at the office and you urgently need to get in, we are here to help. With locksmith visits costing upwards of $50 for a non-emergency visit, locking yourself out becomes an expensive mistake. For half that cost, we will come to you from where ever we are and unlock your door for you. All we need is for you to keep a key on file with us, and a phone call.

Dog Sitting

If you are away on vacation or travelling for work, you can have a walker stay in your home with your dog so they are never left feeling alone. Instead of leaving your dog at a kennel where they spend most of their day in a cage, alone, they can be at home in a place they know with companionship throughout the day. Dog sitting includes four walks per day, any number of meals and fresh water, any necessary medication, and the love your pet has come to expect. 



Small Animal Visits

Pack Mentality loves all animals to be found in Brookline, not just the dogs. If you have a small animal at home who needs to be visited and cared for, we are here to make it happen.


Cat visits

They may be more independent than other pets, but cats need to be loved too. Daily or twice daily visits can be arranged to ensure your cat is in a healthy environment with clean litter, fresh food and water, and a half hour's worth of playtime and affection. 


Small animal visits

Do you have a rabbit, lizard, turtle, or some other small animal? We are just as excited to care for any scaly or furry friend you have at home. Our team have experience cleaning, feeding, and caring for a wide range of animals and keep them happy until you arrive safely at home.